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12 September 2010 @ 08:03 pm
I can commit to that.  
Began September 27, 2010 - Ended X XX, 2010 Yeah, I guess I can't commit to anything.

1: Your favorite character: Prim
2. Your least favorite character: 
3. A character you hate that everyone loves:
4: A character you love that everyone hates:
Snow (he's a genius)
5: Your favorite fight/battle scene:
Katniss and Peeta at the end of the first games.
6: A scene that made you laugh:
"I say no. Finnick wou've said no too." "Yeah, well he's dead." - Johanna and Annie
7: A scene that made you cry:
Rue, of course. And Prim, when I realized it wasn't a dream.
8: The character you are most like:
9: Your favorite quote:
10: Peeta or Gale:
11: Something you hate about the series:
Katniss ends up with Peeta. 
12: A character you wish hadn't died:
13: A character you wish had died:
14: Your favorite tribute (aside from Peeta/Katniss):
FOXFACE! Or Johanna.
15: Your least favorite tribute (aside from Peeta/Katniss):
16: A question you wish had been answered in the book:
What happens... are the games done or what?
17: The worst death:
18: A song that reminds you of the series:
All the Right Moves
19: Your favorite pairing:
20: Your least favorite pairing: 
21: A pairing you don't get:
22: Your favorite book of the three:
23: Your favorite secondary character:
24: Your least favorite secondary character:
25: Your dream cast:
26: Your favorite scene in The Hunger Games:
27: Your favorite scene in Catching Fire:
28: Your favorite scene in Mockingjay:
29: Your favorite thing about the entire series:
30: A book/series that you would rec to fellow fans:
BONUS: 31: Whatever you want:

thankyou themockingjay 

"and if we burn, you burn with us."